"two roads diverged in a wood

 i took the one less travelled by

and that made all the difference... ..."

i read these words  on my english text book when i'm in  senior high

and i think what he said was right.

for winning something ,

we gotta lose something.

maybe two years ,four years ... ...somepeople even wait for longer 

 that's the rule ! chill out and sit still.

 that 's god's  gift - to do only what we can do

that's right- our duty job-study and work

and the others - let it be


humanbeings can't take god's job 

i do believe

finally,we'll find out the secrets in life

the future sweetie throughout the past tears

the truly love hidden in the  silence and indifference

and the most signifikent of all above--

the shinning hope in the back of  cloudy sky

the peace inside all of the seemingly mess~

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